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Two-Year Objectives



Bexar RLC will grow membership to 200 by contacting current RLC members and having them activate locally, attracting new members especially from college campuses, Bexar County and surrounding communities, and liberty-minded organizations, and by converting people to liberty ideals. Bexar RLC will conduct engagement and support of local liberty-focused college groups, as well as Open Carry Texas San Antonio, Come and Take It, and other local liberty groups we identify. Bexar RLC will table at local events to raise awareness and recruit new members. Bexar RLC will create polos, t-shirts, and hats for members to purchase to raise awareness and promote unity. Bexar RLC will help members stay engaged and informed with a Recommended Reading List and a Liberty Book Club, and a recommended Watch list with Watch Club. 



Bexar RLC will train current precinct chairs and find an additional 30 candidates for empty precincts in Bexar County and surrounding counties. The group will work together to ensure current precinct chairs retain their seat in opposed races, including forming teams to block walk together. The Bexar RLC will set up a mentorship program pairing experienced Liberty precinct chairs with new precinct chairs. Bexar RLC will write a curriculum for precinct chairs that will adequately prepare them to run a precinct, assist candidates, and participate in all conventions effectively.


College Outreach

Bexar RLC will help register 200 college students to vote, and have at least 20 become active members in the organization. Bexar RLC will prioritize our outreach on campuses that serve as early voting sites: UTSA, SAC, Palo Alto, and Northwest Vista. Bexar RLC will participate in Constitution Day activities at local colleges that allow it, including Saint Mary’s and Incarnate Word.



Bexar RLC will raise $10,000 over two years to fund our programs including overhead costs, college outreach, precinct chair training and elections, candidate support, and community education. Bexar RLC will conduct an email campaign and a targeted mail campaign, as well as at least one educational seminar annually.



Bexar RLC will find and help liberty-minded candidates and help get them elected in local races. Bexar RLC will prepare local race candidate identification surveys which will be added to the website and Facebook page. Bexar RLC will establish a candidate grading system for local county, city, school board, state, national and other taxing entity races, including grades of “Liberty Candidate” and “Recommended in This Race” to help promote candidates. Those candidates’ names will be available on the website and Facebook page. Liberty candidates will receive help with campaign activities like block walking and polling location dressing.



Bexar RLC will rewrite the RPT platform, paring it down to a manageable length without contradictory planks and emphasizing personal freedoms, smaller government, and free enterprise. Bexar RLC will support a platform that respects the enumerated rights of citizens without planks that run contrary to that aim.



Bexar RLC will have at least 10 members become Deputy Voter Registrars to ensure that all qualified voters are registered in time to exercise their franchise. Bexar RLC will help recruit election judges to assist in holding fair elections.


Community Education

Bexar RLC will help educate community members on programs proposed by city and county and the impact they have on the future generation with focus on the loss of freedom engendered by such agencies as the TABC, TSA, NSA and CIA. 

Focal points of Bexar RLC’s education campaign will include issues of equal rights but not special protections, opposition to programs that increase the federal government’s involvement in areas not supported by the Constitution, Second Amendment protection and expansion in Texas, opposition to Common Core, protection for Home Schoolers, Demilitarization of Peace Officers and regulatory agencies, Identification of the increasing burden of debt placed on future generations by bond elections, hidden costs of toll roads and street cars. The Caucus will host classes for students and community members on the Constitution.



Bexar RLC will develop a website that will integrate and simplify back of the house activities such as tracking memberships and dues, assist in outreach, maintain records including minutes and accounting, and facilitate online voting for membership. Bexar RLC will compose and print membership cards and local recruitment flyers. Bexar RLC will develop business cards for members and its precinct chairs, Bexar RLC will develop stationary for the chapter’s use and in fundraising campaigns. Bexar RLC will develop issue-oriented materials for the education campaigns. Bexar RLC will write press releases and participate in media interviews to raise awareness.



Bexar RLC will become a prominent force in political activism, using its growing influence to apply pressure to elected local, state and federal officials to support the positions it has taken, and to draw negative attention to those who oppose those positions. Forms of activism may include coordinated phone calls to and in-person visits with elected officials and their aides, letters to the editor and RLC-written opinion pieces in local newspapers, public denouncements/praise, TV and talk radio appearances, drafting speeches for like-minded officials, direct mail and advertisements.

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